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Yes, this is the one.

Blossomchyld's Writings
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So you've found your way to my fanfic, original fic and other assorted writings journal.

I've been writing for a while, first my wonderfully angsty poems from high-school, then my Backstreet Boys obsession.
Both of those have now been left behind in favour of my new fandoms, which I'm hoplessly addicted to.
Some might say obsessed.
*chants at fandom altar*

Anyway, onto my fandoms.

Ah! How I adore this fandom! I'm a huge fan of anything supernatural so this show just pushes all my buttons, plus three gorgeous men? How can I pass it up? Also, Jared, Jensen and Jeffrey. Those men have no concept of personal space and we love them for it!
As far as my Winchesters, it's Sam/Dean, John/Dean, John/Dean/Sam.
Real life pretty people are Jared/Jensen, Jeffrey/Jensen, Jared/Jensen/Jeffrey, Jared/Jensen/Sandy.

Lord of the Rings
Pretty elves and dirty men. Rowr! I mostly slash elves/elves or elves/men. I also slash the actors.
The ones I love to slash are Legolas, Haldir, Aragorn, Glorfindel, Erestor, and Eomer character-wise and Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Craig Parker, and Karl Urban for my actors.

Pirates of the Caribbean
How can you not love this fandom? Seriously. Johnny Depp in eyeliner. Enough said.
I'm mostly a Jack/Will, Jack/Elizabeth or Jack/Will/Elizabeth kind of girl. Occasionally, some Johnny/Orlando.

My science nerd show du-jour. Science+sexiness = Awesomeness!
My OTP is Nick/Greg. My OT3 is Nick/Greg/Cath.

Ah, more nerds! Sensing a trend here?
Don/Charlie of course! Also, for real life, some David/Rob as they are too cute.

Oh man, the fandom of a thousand ships. Let me hit some of my choice pairings.
Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Hermione, and Fred/George.

Vampires! My obsessions since I was 7. Yeah, sad but true.
Always vampires, usually Angelus/Spike, some Darla/Drusilla. Basically, vampires=sex. Okay?
Also love Spike/Xander, Spike/Buffy, and Spike/Willow.

Backstreet Boys
Only a couple of fics, no slash and I don't write in this fandom anymore. Still love the boys, though.

General Writings
These are my non-fandom stories, inspired by songs, movies or real-life stories. They usually are an extreme of something, or just a warped retelling of life.

I never could determine what the difference between poetry and prose so I just use both. *grins*
Basically just mixed prose/poetry from no real fandom, some angsty high-school stuff and other new pieces.

Most of my stories are somewhat fluffy, as I am still getting used to writing straight smut. So you will find a good mix of story ratings.

Pretty much anything is fair game, I develop new ones all the time.
Some favourites:
-Wing fic

-Badly-written mary-sues (although I am so guilty of this in my Backstreet Boys fics)
-Any hobbit, Gimli, or wizard fics
-Any fics written with an abuse of fluff - I'm talking like so sugary that you'll gag to death, this includes abuse of 'baby, honey, sweetie, etc'
-Anything else is fair game, and can switch depending on the story plot/situation/my mood

-I love to hear about my writing from people who've read them. Please comment, even if just to smile, it can sometimes make my day.
-Flames are fuel for my giant, pagan bonfire.
-Constructive criticism, questions and compliments are all welcome.

If you would like to archive/have me archive my any of my fics at your webpages, please just ask/let me know. I love having my work out there for people to read.

Well there you have me, summarized, just all about what I read and write.

Where to find me:
On Adult FanFicion.net
On Nick and Greg.com
On Of Elves and Men
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